USEI – We are scooping up big time ahead of DGM’s updated report and long term price targets!

USEI is giving another incredible opportunity to load up on super cheap shares – with Direct Global Media’s (DGM) updated research report to initiate long term targets, this will go mental.

For those who listen to the CEO interview last night, Anthony gave huge hints of what’s to come. The biggest one was that USEI is expected to start distribution of Singular 96TM in the US within the year. That’s unheard of in such a short period of time!

USEI is tapping into a multi-billion dollar market that few ever have the chance to penetrate, and USEI is right on track for these monster Revenues.

Already getting orders, and distribution in Canada, you bet DGM will be looking at a much higher long term target then expected.

Load up here, and hold on for next week – we are headed for a monster breakout ride!

When Direct Global Media released their long term target on Fuse Science (DROP) of $1.25 – that’s 83,000% from initial alerts, the stock went mental and hit targets spot on. We expect a HUGE upgrade in USEI prices when targets are released this weekend – definitely a gains booster for next week and a must hold over the weekend.


US Energy

About US Energy Initiatives

The Company has two separate energy initiatives; one in the automotive sector and one in the oil, gas & technology sector.

We will continue to develop and market our automotive technologies which we have done since 1996; and focus on manufacturing and marketing GREEN retrofit systems for the conversion of gasoline and diesel engines, stationary or vehicular, to non-petroleum-based fuels, such as compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas.

We will also acquire and develop stranded or un-recovered oil properties for enhanced oil production, create partnerships with operators, create strategic alliances for primary and secondary recovery, and partner with farm-ins on properties where technology will be utilized to improve recovery efforts. Our goal here is to become an environmentally responsible oil and gas company; utilizing all methods available to improve oil recovery.

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