USEI to start rolling in the dough

USEI just unleashed a monster press release that will start getting the revenue juices flowing with their premium Singular 96TM product!

With initial test of 800 vehicles, responses were extremely positive that USEI will now be supporting a federation of 20 stations – that is the start of some big revenues. USEI is motoring big time and with this first order now opens a sleuth of contracts ready to be announced!

U.S. Energy Initiatives Explains Singular 96™ Brand


U.S. ENERGY INITIATIVES CORP (USEI) previously announced a Joint Venture with Bulova Tech Labs (“Bulova”) to distribute a 96 Octane gasoline replacement fuel priced below the local prevailing price for regular grade 87 Octane gasoline. The product is branded Singular 96™.

Bulova completed an initial sales test on 800 vehicles. Currently, USEI is completing a logistics solution to support a Federation of twenty (20) stations in the same local geographic area. The stations are located in Canada and the feedstock(s) and materials are exported from the U.S. The date of availability of Singular 96™ will be announced when we complete the logistics solution for continuous supply of our product.

The benefits of Singular 96™ include use in both Flex Fuel vehicles and vehicles that use unleaded gasoline. Singular 96™ can produce superior mileage in unleaded gasoline fueled cars. The results also show that Singular 96™ produces equal mileage to the mileage of regular unleaded gasoline in a Flex Fuel vehicle whereas E-85 produced lower mileage to the mileage of regular gasoline. These benefits result from the proprietary and patent pending ingredients in Singular 96™.

According to Anthony Miller, CEO, “Singular 96™ is ‘A Universal Fuel™’ because it replaces all grades of unleaded gasoline and also E-85.”

Definitely, the LIVE CEO interview on Stock Traders Talk (STT) today at 8:00pm EDT is a must, but it’s also a must that members get a piece of USEI prior to close today if they want to make some serious gains.

The show can be heard live directly from STT Live Page at

This is just a teaser of a an even bigger updated expected during the interview that’s going to gap USEI’s prices big time on Friday!

So, we are definitely urging members to get a piece of USEI today and don’t get caught chasing tomorrow.

We have seen it before when we alerted our members of a mega breakout on Fuse Science (DROP) last year just before the Major sponsorship announcement that Tiger Woods is “Powered by FUSE“. DROP skyrocket to an all time price of $1.25, bang on our long term target and  83,000% gains from our sub-penny alert shortly after.

US Energy

About US Energy Initiatives

The Company has two separate energy initiatives; one in the automotive sector and one in the oil, gas & technology sector.

We will continue to develop and market our automotive technologies which we have done since 1996; and focus on manufacturing and marketing GREEN retrofit systems for the conversion of gasoline and diesel engines, stationary or vehicular, to non-petroleum-based fuels, such as compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas.

We will also acquire and develop stranded or un-recovered oil properties for enhanced oil production, create partnerships with operators, create strategic alliances for primary and secondary recovery, and partner with farm-ins on properties where technology will be utilized to improve recovery efforts. Our goal here is to become an environmentally responsible oil and gas company; utilizing all methods available to improve oil recovery.


CMGO is again on watch today and will be as we approach the Divy date next month. Yesterday’s session definitely showed methodical accumulation and with a close prices of $0.022 up 16% shows that there are not many shares left to get a peice of the Aufio Eye spin off shares. Smart buyers know the value AudioEye brings to the table.
About CMG Holdings Group, Inc. (CMGO):

CMG Holdings Group, Inc. is a full service marketing and communications holding company. CMGO’s mission is to build a national platform of exceptional companies that deliver solutions in the areas of alternative advertising, social media marketing services, event management and commercial rights. CMGO is seeking to expand its national presence via its acquired companies, capitalizing on their intellectual properties, patents, sales and marketing, new product development and continued operations via economic recovery. CMGO owns and operates wholly-owned subsidiaries, XA, The Experiential Agency, Inc. and Audio Eye, Inc.


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