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$BRYN, $TRMNF, $TRM.V – Investors expected to leap into Junior Gold in September

BRYN, TRMNF, TRM.V - Investors expected to leap into Junior Gold in September September marks the beginning of solid volume trading days as traders and investors are back at full swing with an increase activity following a typical slow August month. What is even more interesting for our feature gold stocks is that GOLD continues to trade at record highs, and as [...]

$BRYN – Adding to our 400%+ gains, Monster action next week!

If you’re looking for an opportunity to get in on our feature long term play, BRYN, don’t think too long. Next week we will be back to full swing as most traders return from summer holidays and we expect monster action to follow. This definitely includes shorts who expected a non-event during the last week of August, [...]

$TRMNF, $TRM.V – Gold is the place to be.

“Central bank and government actions around the globe increasingly prove that gold is the place to be.” – and the best place to capitalize on mega gains are junior mining companies like TRMNF, TRM.V which had much more upside opportunity No one want to sell GOLD since it will be more expensive to buy it [...]

$TRMNF, $TRM.V – Gold on a solid bounce to retest highs.

Gold prices continue its bullish bounce pushing past $1,800/oz and looks like gold is back on track for a solid bullish trend. Trueclaim (TRMNF, TRM) is primed and set for a solid September month as traders get back into action from their summer holidays. Expect more  significant news on TRMNF’s Scadding Property soon. With already [...]

$TRMNF, $TRM.V – North Zone showing signs of Mega Gold Resource Potential

Gold prices bounced solid today, as expected, and looks to be back on track for a bullish trend. Trueclaims (TRMNF, TRM) is setting up for a monster September and expect some significant updates on their Scadding Property soon. With already proven Gold Production, TRMNF’s North Zone is showing huge potential! Historic production on their central [...]

$TRMNF, $TRM.V – Seeing a big opportunity with today's market.

Trueclaims (TRMNF, TRM) has all the characteristics of a major breakout, calm before the storm if you will. TRMNF is edging upwards with a major bullish signal today, ready for a monster pop. Add any monster news to the mix, and we can see a major breakout for an easy double/triple. What is also interesting, [...]

$TRMNF, $TRM.V – Gold Junior Companies have most to gain with current high Gold Prices.

It is no secret Gold continues to shine tripling its price over the past 5 years. Experts still suggest GOLD will continue and surpass $2,500/oz but one thing looks certain is that with continue world credit issues, Gold will continue to trade at record highs and junior companies, like Trueclaim (TRMNF, TRM.V) will outperform.

$TRMNF, $TRM.V – Gold Soaring to record highs over $1,900/oz, this is where it's at.

TRMNF, TRM.V - Gold Soaring to record highs over $1,900/oz, this is where it’s at. Gold continues to be on the rampage as the yellow metal soars past $1,900/oz. With Trueclaim (TRMNF, TRM.V) having properties near production, they have a solid position to capitalize on the rising metal prices. What is interesting is that we have not [...]

$BRYN, $TRMNF – Gold and Gold stocks is where it's at!

With markets continue to be in turmoil with US and world credit issues, investors are flocking to GOLD as a safe haven pushing up the yellow metal to record highs - BRYN and TRMNF are your safe haven that can earn you monster gains in return. Surpassing our latest near term price target with CAVR (+600%) [...]

$CAVR, $TRM.V – Monster News driving stock to Mega Gains

It is no secret that stocks with solid fundamentals moves on news, and with monster news like we received today with CAVR, and TRM.V, it is poised to make a big splash in the markets. As with our long term philosophy, our features continue to be monitored and watched even when we introduce new long [...]

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