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SDSS, CCAJ a eye for Major Updates

We are definitely keeping an eye on SDSS & CCAJ for any MAJOR updates expected soon. SDSS’s solid interview with Yoav Krill yesterday gave us big hints that we are super close to striking a contract deal with a Major Super Power to the tune of 7-8 digit price tag – we are talking about [...]

SDSS – Solid interview with Yoav Krill, $CCAJ making an interesting move.

STT Radio interview with Yoav Krill definitely has some very interesting hints of MAJOR news on the way especially some big $$ contracts with at least 1 of the 3 super powers. Here’s some key highlights from the interview: – Anti-Terrorist…becoming an “Industry”…since 9/11 event – Terrorist from 9/11 entered the company without weapons, but [...]

SDSS – STT Radio Exclusive LIVE interview with Yoav Krill, TODAY 9am

Just a quick note to remind Members to tune into STT Radio’s LIVE interview with Yoav Krill TODAY at 9am EDT – definitely don’t want to miss this. We will also be posting live updates via our new social media site Join our exclusive Room and Live CHAT on by clicking here Tune [...]

SDSS – Tune into STT Radio Exclusive interview with Yoav Krill, Tomorrow 9am

Members definitely need to take the time and listen in to STT Radio LIVE interview with Yoav Krill tomorrow at 9am EDT – we are sure you will be impressed. We will also be posting live updates via our new social media site Join our exclusive Room and Live CHAT on by clicking [...]

SDSS – The need for this is more than ever

SDSS patented technology “COGITO” would have identified 95% of suspect in a recent test of a New Airport scanner which actually failed to detect all weapons hidden in a shoe test.. Passengers will be removing their shoes for years to come after TSA fails to come up with new airport scanner – despite spending MILLIONS [...]

SDSS – Make ready for a MONSTER breakout week

SDSS is primed and we are pumped for a breakout week on the backs of Direct Global Media’s (DGM) HUGE research report released this weekend and with STT Radio LIVE interview this Tuesday at 9:00am EDT “HOMELAND SECURITY MARKET IS A SUBSTANTIAL EXPANDING MARKET THAT OFFERS A VAST NUMBER OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR PRIVATE SECTOR ENTITIES. [...]

Suspect Detection Systems (SDSS) Free Research Report Now Available in association with Direct Global Media gives shareholders valuable insight on their feature Homeland Security Company, Suspect Detection Systems (SDSS) Visit HERE to receive the SDSS research report.   For additional information on this report or advertising inquiries, contact at Article except: ”HOMELAND SECURITY MARKET IS A SUBSTANTIAL EXPANDING MARKET THAT OFFERS [...]

Special Alert: Direct Global Media Initiates Coverage on Suspect Detection Systems (SDSS)

Direct Global Media just unleashed MONSTER news initiating coverage of SDSS with price targets to be released this weekend. This is HUGE for SDSS! DGM initiated coverage of the biggest gainer in 2011, Fuse Science (DROP) from sub-pennies to a 83,000% gain and hitting their long term target spot on at $1.25. This will definitely [...]

SDSS – Terrorist Fears getting caught above all else

The biggest fear of terrorist is not dying in the act of terrorism, but rather getting caught before they can do harm – SDSS patented technology “COGITO” uses this advantage to identify with astounding accuracy terrorist and criminal intentions. SDSS has proven through extensive testing including a live and successful test at airport security checkpoints [...]

SDSS – The key to identifying “Hostile Intent”

Identifying “Hostile Intent” and Government Contracts will definitely be the main interest in the LIVE STT Radio broadcast with Chairman, Yoav Krill on Tuesday August 28th, 2012 at 9am.  This is a must see next week Suspect Detection Systems, Inc. Chairman, Yoav Krill Exclusive Interview on StockTradersTalk RadioPR Newswire(Thu 11:36AM EDT) SDSS “COGITO” technology is turning [...]

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