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HNSS, HLNT – Major week ahead to close out the month!

     HNSS closed out the week on a high note edging up to $0.0109 on 1.9M shares traded – and although the shorts were in full gear they had no effect. Next week we will have the shorts running for cover and a chance for members to cash in large!  

LBSR, HLNT – How a $10,000 investment grew to over $450,000!

An investment of $10,000 in LBSR from our original alert in the sub pennies would have returned a whopping $450,000 or 4,500% when LBSR reached $0.20 not too far ago. HLNT is approaching this level of mega returns with an investment of $10,000 already turning into $100,000!

HLNT – Approaching a new record high with this monster pick!

  HLNT ended another day convincingly in penny land tacking on another 16.83% to close at $0.0118 – we expect an explosive move upward towards the end of the month as we expect more short covering and bigger press releases.   

HLNT, EIGH – Low volume pullback, buy on the dips = prime buying opportunity

What ever you want to call it, low volume pull back, buy on the dips, zone of support, it all tells us one this – excellent buying opportunity and we have it with HLNT and EIGH.  

HLNT, EIGH – Are you ready for another Monster week to increase our 1,000% total gainers.

Pre-Market action is already heating up as we expect another monster bull rally in both HLNT and EIGH, both combined has given us 1,000%    

HLNT, EIGH – Getting fired up before the weekend!

We may be at the middle of the week but trading seems to be heating up and looking for an explosive end to the week – HLNT late day rally shows how investors need to be on their toes at all times!  

HLNT, EIGH – Back to work week will get these plays really going!

As we head into the first real week of September, a time where many investors really get back into the groove, our monster plays HLNT & EIGH will be front and center. We are already seeing an increasing amount of chatter especially on these two.   Summer months are usually the season for the shorts – [...]

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