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$BRYN, $GTA.V – Gold closing in on record highs of $1,700 in overseas trading.

After a minor distraction with last week’s US Congress debt ceiling vote and credit issues taking the spot light, investors return to their favorite safe-haven of Gold. Gold is trading higher overseas looking to break the $1,700/oz level and making the $2,000/oz year end prediction very probable. Many stocks and sectors were pressured by last week’s major 512pt [...]

$BRYN, $GTA.V – Mega Gains from Solid Bounce Plays.

 “CNN Money: Worst day since 2008 financial crisis” Markets are looking to claw back from a turbulent day yesterday as some solid employment news was released this morning giving a positive outlook for the markets. Market dips can be used to your advantage as with our long term plays, BRYN & GTA.V – take them and profit. [...]

$BRYN, $GTA.V – The key is in the rebound. Market Turbulence leave little unscathed

“CNN Money: Worst day since 2008 financial crisis” It is no doubt a day to remember in the financial markets today as the DOW plunged 512pts and the worse since the 2008 financial crisis. Practically all sectors including Gold was hit with a red close, but with many strong companies, they bounce back and become [...]

$BRYN, $GTA.V – Soaring GOLD Price makes for Solid Gold stocks investment.

“As debt ceiling deadlock brings back memories of 2008, the long-term winner is gold.” 1 Now that the debt ceiling was approved, GOLD just shrugs it off and continues to remain bullish with underlying mining stocks benefitting big time. Our two mining plays are right in the thick of things and on the verge a [...]

$BRYN, $GTA.V – Breakout Trigger Level Imminent!

With the trading action yesterday, and pre market action today, we are definitely seeing buyers and short covering scrambling to jump in. Once the trigger level is breached, we expect major breakout action that will be fast and furious. GOLD prices continue to trade near record highs and BRYN & GTA.V are reaping the rewards. GOLD [...]

$BRYN, $GTA.V – Gold is King with soaring Prices!

As the US congress approves the debt ceiling, economic indicators continue to show underlying issues in the US credit market sparking a rally in GOLD prices near record highs today – Our two GOLD plays, BRYN & GTA.V are moving solid in tandem. As we said, no matter the result of the US congress decision on [...]

$BRYN, $GTA.V – Patience Pays off with Mega Gains.

The road to mega gains is driven by smart and patient long term investors scooping shares on low volume pull backs, while holding for long term gains. Both markets are in full swing and we continue to be 100% bullish on our newest plays BRYN, and GTA.V If you have not done so already, you [...]

$BRYN, $GTA.V – Gearing up for a wild week ahead

Canadian markets may be closed tomorrow, but the US market will be in full gear with our Hot Gold play, BRYN. Direct Global Media just released their research report with price targets and the report is already making headlines as we are set up in high gear for Monday’s action. Research Report price targets will make for a wicked week of [...]

$BRYN, $GTA.V – Hold on tightly to your shares for this weekend's Research report

Pre-market action on BRYN is definitely looking towards an interesting trading session as short continue to get pressured to cover, and solid news adding buying pressure like we saw towards end of day trading yesterday. With the expected research report from Direct Global Media this weekend, we are setting up for a solid breakout next week. [...]

$BRYN, $GTA.V – the Gold Rush is in full bloom

With 3 press releases in a week, we are definitely getting a hint of something major coming out of BRYN and trading pattern show it is primed for a major breakout. Our newest play GTA.V, also released a solid pr yesterday on bonanza grade surface grab sampling – looks like the Gold Rush is in [...]

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