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SING, ICBU, FERN, GBHL on the hot list. Get Ready, we have a new “CORE” Play this month!

Our momentum plays have been off the charts, but we have lined up a HUGE “CORE” play and we will be releasing the details soon! SING ON XTREME MOMENTUM ALERT TODAY No doubt members following our momentum alerts have paid off big – just check out these recent winners! SING -  100%+ Gains potential last [...]

ICBU, GBHL – Key News getting these plays running.

News definitely set the stage in today’s trading action on both XTREME plays ICBU, and GBHL – these plays are primed for a major breakout and we got hint of that today. Our long term play that already gave our members over 1,000% gains is looking like another breakout run is in the cards: GBHL [...]

FERN, GBHL – Both on XTREME News Watch

We are keeping this simple for this week – there should be 2 plays on your radar and they are FERN and GBHL – we are going to be watching the news wires very closely as we expect market breaking news that can drive prices here much higher. Read our special weekend report on FERN [...]

FERN, GBHL – Two Plays on Radar Today

We have two solid plays on radar today: FERN which jumped 125% from our alert yesterday is expected to release KEY updates following their recent exchange uplisting to current. FERN traded as high as $0.008 (+160%) on record volume – we will be watching the wires very closely Investors want to stay tuned for our [...]

New XTREME Momentum Play Next Week!

Traders and the markets will be back at full swing next week and we will be hitting them hard with our new XTREME momentum play. Our picks have been on fire booking XTREME gains but we are changing things up a bit for a wild momentum play to kick-start things off next week. Watch for [...]

GBHL – Set to bounce off Level 10 Support Levels

Technical indicators pointing to bullish trend with confirm “Homing” Pigeon Candle Stick Pattern Smart savvy investors took advantage again yesterday adding super cheap GBHL shares – with the anticipated released of The “Hostage” Games starring Cory Haim (The Lost Boys), trading under $0.10 is definitely a real bargain!

GBHL – Smart money adding at bargain level prices

September release of the “Hostage” Game – a must see movie that can generate $ millions in sales GBHL is sitting at super bargain prices. With the release of GBHL’s most anticipated movie next month starring late and talented Cory Haim (The Lost Boys), this can generate millions of dollars in sales and add significant [...]

GBHL – This week’s bounce play getting some late day action

Smart buyers were definitely picking up cheap shares today – actually, any price below $0.10 is a real steal here on GBHL GBHL gained 10% today – that’s a 51% pickup from Friday’s bottom price and closing today at $0.046. What was very interesting is that most of the gains came towards the end of [...]

GBHL – One “Blockbuster” news away from HUGE Breakout Rally

Blockbuster news can catapult GBHL to record levels quickly We have seen how “Tiger” news catapult our monster 2011 winner DROP from $0.0015 to $1.25 booking 83,000% gains – we are expecting the same type of “Blockbuster” news from GBHL and with only 4.4 million share float price will go insane! GBHL the next LIONSGATE [...]

GBHL – This weeks bounce play for potential 300%+ gains!

GBHL is sitting at prime loading zone for a HUGE bounce play to book a potential of 300%+ gains this week! We are on HIGH news watch for more blockbuster updates that can catapult GBHL from current level 10 support levels. Friday we just seen how quickly prices can jump with just 4.4 million share [...]

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