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EAPH, IFHR – Soaring to breakout territory

EAPH and IFHR are making a strong run into breakout territory with some solid trading this morning. Definitely want to be holders over the weekend as anything can happen to spark a major rally. Ourhotstockpicks will be issuing a special report targeting our European Base, you bet there will be some heavy action on both [...]

EAPH, IFHR – Monster Rally pushing into solid “Green” territory.

EAPH’s news today and talks of a move towards Viorra revenue projections started a huge bullish rally that traded up 44% intraday. EAPH is looking to make a move here with big buying pressure building as it moves off strong support levels. IFHR made a major comeback today after yesterday’s deliberate and blatant attempt by [...]

DEGH, IFHR – Adding another to our Monster Winner’s list this week.

We have had some big winners, and 2011 is by far the biggest year so far with the likes of   Average 2011 returns are well over 1,000%, not to mention our monster DEGH which tallied 50,000% from sub-pennies to $0.75. Now, members can add another Hall of Famer with the 2011 play of the year…

DEGH, IFHR – This week’s Solid Gains are nothing compared to what we expect next week

IFHR & DEGH is right on track for monster gains. Next week will be a week of HUGE potential gains – definitely don’t want to miss this. Investing just $5,000 in our recent long term features would have made you an instant millionaire tallying close to 60,000% in total GAINS!   Now, members have a chance to [...]

$BRYN, $TRM.V, $EAPH – On the right track with these Monster Long term plays.

We told our members to be on high alert for monster updates from our feature long term picks, BRYN, EAPH and TRM.V and we are right on the money with BRYN unleashing another major share reduction press release that’s going to give a big boost to BRYN bullish run. This is why we continue to hold [...]

A New Mega alert to add to our long term features of $EAPH, $TRM.V, and $BRYN

We are getting real excited after a weekend of analysis and hard work. We are ready to unleash our new mega pick this week and it’s looking more than ever as the PICK for 2011. As with all our feature picks we stay on for the long term, covering our recent long term features EAPH, TRM.V, and [...]

New ALERT to be released Next Week- this is going to be HUGE!

Our analysts have scoured the market, narrowed it down, and will be analyzing it with fine tune comb this weekend. This next monster play can be the biggest of our 2011 slew of successes. Last’s years mega alert, DEGH had an incredible run topping 50,000% earlier this year; our new pick has the same characteristics and looks to [...]

$EAPH, $BRYN, $DEGH seen big action on our initial alert, New alert coming soon!

We are definitely getting excited with our new pick to be released soon -  we have already made members monster gains with our recent winners EAPH (250%+), BRYN (700%+), and DEGH (+50,000%). Our new pick will look to add to the success we already had in 2011! Next pick is going to make more members [...]

$BRYN, $TRM.V, $EAPH – Releasing another alert Soon to add to our long term features list

NEW MEGA ALERT COMING REAL SOON – WATCH FOR IT! That’s right, on the back of our recent monster picks which gave our members multi-bagger gains we are unleashing another mega long term play that we will add to our ongoing features list:    Initial Alert: $0.035  High Price: $0.27 Total Gains: 700% One of our favorite [...]

$BRYN, $TRM.V, $EAPH – Stocks on our “must hold for end of month” list.

Our triple long term plays BRYN, TRM.V, and EAPH are building momentum as we head into the last trading week of the month. We anticipate the initial report from BRYN’s Nova Scotia properties, which Trueclaim (TRM.V) is currently working on, to be released next month. Expect some wild trading as we close out the month. October is shaping up to be much [...]

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