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$DNAD, $CAVR – Mega Breakout Alert for this week

We have been all over both our feature picks, DNAD & CAVR last week and this weekend, showing the mega potential these two have to offer. This is all building up for an anticipated explosive week ahead as the buzz level has been off the charts. You can see our latest recap from this weekend [...]

$DNAD, $CAVR – The action is not on the sidelines, get in the game for mega Gains

We have been hearing some rumblings of updates just on the horizon for both DNAD & CAVR. With only one press release away to mega breakout, we definitely want to be on side. Yes, we already added 500% gains but we are looking at long term gain potential over 1,000% – our targets have been [...]

$DNAD, $CAVR – Weekend holders for mega gains next week

We have seen it many times before, breakout news just before end of week close and news release just before market open to start next week triggering a breakout response – holding our monster picks over the weekend proves time and time again to provide mega gains and CAVR & DNAD are no exceptions. News [...]

$DNAD, $CAVR – Ready for Monster Breakout from Solid Support levels!

If there’s one thing about our long term picks is that they quickly find support levels after monster gains – primed and ready for the next breakout level. Both CAVR (+400%) and DNAD (+75%) already established support levels at much higher prices than our original alerts and with monster news on the horizon that can [...]

$CAVR, $DNAD – Solid Press releases this morning making for some Mega Action

With every long term play, stocks go through different stages which we have seen many times before. DNAD was under the radar of many and is just at the beginning of mega growth as more and more investors start to realized the potential. We also saw this in CAVR when we first alerted it at [...]

$DNAD – Monster buzz building in pre market action.

After coming off the last hour on Friday with 62.5% gains and record volumes of 13 Million shares traded – all in the last hour right after our 3PM alert, you bet today will be buzzing with excitement. We are looking at more than 500% gains as DNAD has is all, solid fundamentals and bullish technical indications We have also released our [...]

$DNAD – Ready for Monster Monday? Research report now available.

The buzz around DNAD (DNA Dynamics) this weekend is insane – investors are just picking up on this low flyer with huge potential. Our 3PM alert on Friday not only jumped 62.5% from our alert at $0.008 on record volumes, it peaked a ton of attention from investors. Monday we expect significant buying from these [...]

DNA Dynamics – DNAD Research Report Now Available!

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$DNAD – Mega breakout of 62.5% gain and 13Mil shares traded since our 3PM Alert

DNAD (DNA Dynamics) came flying out of the gates quickly after our 3PM alert jumping 62.5% closing near the high of the day showing that Monday we are definitely in for a wild day – we are looking at more than 500% gain potential with DNAD! We are just getting started and like our two [...]

#DNAD – DNA Dynamics – The next 500% + potential Gainer

We have it folks, the next MEGA pick that has a potential for 500%+ gains and as members you are getting this first and at the ground floor. Don’t be a side liner and watch the gains go by. Our two recent sub-penny plays, DEGH (+4,500%) and CAVR (+590%) made a bullish breakout on our [...]

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