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BRYN, DROP – How long term plays translate to Mega Gains!

Bryn Resources Inc (BRYN) pushed higher today closing green with solid buzz action that we are looking at a monster update on the Nova Scotia Property fairly soon – an early holiday gift? We think so. Fuse Science (DROP) is building a solid foundation and rightly so with 83,000% gains under our belt since our [...]

AERO, DROP – Solid Green day in today’s trading action!

It was a wicked GREEN day in the markets as major indexes closed solid green and our long term features AERO, DROP closed higher in tandem AERO $0.035 +$0.004 up 12.9% DROP  $0.46 +$.02 up 4.5% DOW 12,045.68 +490.05 NASDAQ 2,620.34  +104.83 TSX 12,204.11 +43.43

BZYR, DROP (DEGH) – Setting up solid for HUGE Gains

BZYR is making a huge move into “blue sky” territory and members are now sitting pretty on triple gains since our initial alert at $0.13. DROP (DEGH) close solid green today with big exposure at the World Poker Series in Las Vegas on Sunday. BZYR and DROP (DEGH) are locked and loaded for a mega breakout and [...]

Get ready for our Hot Stock Alert, Friday at 3PM EST

Our new alert is close at hand  -  we have already made members monster gains with our recent winners  DEGH (+50,000%), BRYN (+700%), and our newest monster $IFHR(+733%). All these picks continue to be on our long term hold list and will continue to update members as more big news is unleashed. We expect no [...]

IFHR, DEGH – pointing to a strong bullish trend!

Technical or fundamental, IFHR and DEGH are in the best risk/reward position it’s ever been. IFHR’s technicals are pointing to a strong bullish trend, and buzz on a Reverse Merger puts IFHR front and center for major gains. across the board is indicating ‘very bullish’ while listed IFHR with a ‘strong buy’ opinions

DEGH, IFHR – Adding another to our Monster Winner’s list this week.

We have had some big winners, and 2011 is by far the biggest year so far with the likes of   Average 2011 returns are well over 1,000%, not to mention our monster DEGH which tallied 50,000% from sub-pennies to $0.75. Now, members can add another Hall of Famer with the 2011 play of the year…

DEGH, IFHR – News that can get these picks Soaring.

Now which one would you invest in… Term Deposit: 1-2% return Avg DJIA: 10% return DEGH: 50,000% return IFHR: ????% Actually, average 2011 returns are well over 1,000%, not to mention our monster DEGH which tallied 50,000% from sub-pennies to $0.75. It’s a no brainer where the money is and long term features gives solid results every time. [...]

DEGH, IFHR – This week’s Solid Gains are nothing compared to what we expect next week

IFHR & DEGH is right on track for monster gains. Next week will be a week of HUGE potential gains – definitely don’t want to miss this. Investing just $5,000 in our recent long term features would have made you an instant millionaire tallying close to 60,000% in total GAINS!   Now, members have a chance to [...]

DEGH, IFHR – In high gear for monster break out next week.

IFHR is making a monster bullish run sitting at historic high prices and up 36% – looking extremely strong heading into next week. With reverse merger buzz the talk of the town, IFHR can bust out big time with only 7.7 million in the float! DEGH is back on high alert as a solid bounce [...]

DEGH, IFHR – Reverse Mergers, the Anatomy & Profitability to Monster Gains

We are already seeing a huge bullish buzz with our two reverse merger plays this morning as we are heading for solid green days. Reverse merger plays like DEGH and IFHR can make investors significant returns in all phases. The key to solid reverse merger plays is patience and accumulating on key consolidations. Understanding Reverse [...]

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