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DROP, CTON – The key to long term solid Gainers.

Every so often we like to remind our members and introduce new members on how to trade our picks for big gains. You all heard us say, buy on the dips, average down, get in before the crowd, and load and hold. When it comes to our features, our track record is best in class [...]

CTON, DROP – How to take advantage of the “January Effect”

With the end of the month fast approaching the so call “January Effect” will be in full bloom and CTON, DROP will definitely get moving quickly. Definition of ‘January Effect’ A general increase in stock prices during the month of January. This rally is generally attributed to an increase in buying, which follows the drop [...]

Watch for Ourhotstockpicks Mega #Alert to be release soon!

We have a monster alert ready to be unleashed that you don’t want to miss. Our 2011 winners rocked with monster gains like DROP +83,000% gains and  BRYN +700%. And our 2012 first HUGE alert CTON continues to make out large with over 1,000% gains. If you missed the best performing stock of 2011 by [...]

CTON, DROP – Making monster headway in a short week of trading!

We hope everyone enjoyed the extended long weekend, but we are buzzing and ready to bust out of the gates tomorrow with CTON and DROP. Both plays looks to extend their wild week into this week with big gains. CTON ended last week with close to 1,000% gains from our alert at $0.0075. We are [...]

CTON, DROP – Rocking it this week with Monster Gains!

CTON and DROP was shining solid “GREEN” today among a sea of red in the market. Friday the 13th may be full of superstition, but the planets were aligned with both our picks today. CTON ended the week with close to 1,000% gains from our alert at $0.0075. We are on close watch for any [...]

CTON, DROP – First alert of 2012 racking it in with 1,000%+ gains!

CTON was alerted this week as our first monster pick of 2012 starting at just $0.0075, and we definitely did not disappoint with gains as much as 1,000%. With news expected at any time, we can see another 5x returns in short order. DROP gave investors a rare opportunity to steal shares from weak panic [...]

$CTON, $DROP – very similar in many ways

It is no secret that Fuse Science (DROP) was the single biggest winner of 2011 brought to you by ourhotstockpicks topping 83,000% gains and reaching our target of $1.25. DROP like CTON started at sub-pennies prices, actually $0.0015 when we alerted this monster. Many traders took their profits way too early trading under $0.10 missing [...]

CTON is quickly becoming the stock play to watch to start 2012!

CTON is increasing becoming a stock play to watch for the long term as financial groups are adding CTON on their high watch list. We already knew the monster potential of CTON when we alerted it at $0.0075;  providing 1,000%+ in gains so far. With $0.50 target in sight, investors stand to gain as much [...]

CTON – showing the strongest bullish signal you can get

CTON closed in double digit prices and even hit an intraday high of $0.115 – making a 2 day gain tally of 1,500% and officially making it one of our top hall of fame gainers! What is even better is that all signals are showing the strongest bullish level you can get, according to [...]

Second Street Capital (CTON): Making a run into double digits!

The buzz around CTON has been incredible with investors wondering how this hidden gem was missed! Well, not by Ourhotstockpicks which gives members monster plays for mega gains and we are looking to head into double digits with this GEM. Exactly 1 year ago $DROP started a massive bullish rally from sub-pennies to hit our [...]

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