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CBIS – Breakout trigger news event that will take this to ‘blue sky territory’

CBIS – Breakout trigger news event that will take this to ‘blue sky territory’ Well it does not take a genius to figure this one out that a cure for cancer can be worth $ Billions and CBIS is right on track with the solution. CBIS released a monster press release yesterday showing biopsy reports [...]

CBIS, CCWF – Pre-Market Trading showing interesting action.

With solid trading yesterday, it’s a no brainer that CBIS and CCWF is indicating continued power trading today. Both plays are in news breakout mode. Members need to keep these both on high news watch alert as major announces are expected this week that can trigger a buying frenzy! CBIS jumped 15.2% higher yesterday and [...]

CBIS, CCWF – What Monster News can do.

Taking the opportunity to load up on super cheap shares and holding for a breakout trigger is exactly what we got with CBIS today with the release of solid news. CCWF is in the loading zone with monster news expected that will trigger a similar breakout pattern.

CCWF, CBIS – Following the opportunities to Mega Gains.

We have said it many times before and members who took the opportunity made out big time with Mega gains! CBIS gave us an opportunity last week to pick up super cheap shares and is motoring today again hitting near recent highs. CCWF is now in the prime slot for solid value accumulation, the opportunity [...]

Cannabis Science (CBIS) European Invasion an effective Gain Booster!

CBIS released another solid press release Monday with European expansion in sights. CBIS seems to be on a news rampage closing higher on a solid day of trading. No doubt our Research Report took noticed and with 500%+ potential returns, there are a lot of eyes on CBIS. Direct Global Media’s recent revised report on DROP [...]

Cannabis Science (CBIS) The buzz is building for a wild week.

CBIS is stirring a lot of buzz over the weekend and the potential for huge gains this week. With 2 solid press releases to close out last week and our Research Report just released, expect a wild trading week in anticipation of a monster follow up news this week that will definitely take this to [...]

Cannabis Science (CBIS) FREE Research Report Now Available! in association with Direct Global Media gives shareholders valuable insight on their feature Pharmaceutical company, Cannabis Science Inc (CBIS). Visit to receive the CBIS research report. For additional information on this report or advertising inquiries, contact at Article except: ” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this industry is [...]

CBIS – Research Report to be released this Weekend.

CBIS released solid news late yesterday afternoon and a second update this morning giving the stock a kick-start today with 10% gains and a prelude to Direct Global Media’s most anticipated research report to be released this weekend! Direct Global Media will be issuing a Special Research Report on Cannabis Science (CBIS) – Revolutionizing the [...]

CBIS – The opportunity is there for the taking!

CBIS had another record breaking session with another all-time HIGH of $0.2455 and 500%+ for members who jumped on our alert at $0.04 – a record breaking day with volumes of 116 Million shares traded! CBIS definitely had some wild trading action today and gave investors several opportunities to jump in for a solid position [...]

CBIS – How HIGH can this really go?

When you have a trifecta indicator of a “Golden Cross”, “Blue Sky” Territory,  and “Flag Bullish Breakout” you have a recipe for a mega breakout just like we have seen with Cannabis Science (CBIS) today. Members are now up 300%+ since our alert last month We alerted our members a few weeks back at $0.04 [...]

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