SUTI – These are the statistics for a MAJOR breakout

The BULLs on SUTI continue to lay down the pressure and smart buyers scooping at super low prices. It is obvious the short manipulation and games they play with key statistics to show that SUTI is on the verge of a MAJOR breakout.

  • For every “short” seller there’s a buyer. We have seen some large blocks pass back and forth and definitely shows that major accumulation is taking place on SUTI for a major update to come soon.
  • Fake blocks by short MM to entice sellers. We seen it last Friday and we see it again today. Both were met with increased buying pressure from smart investors.
  • Over the last 2 weeks, the float of 41 Million shares have been traded 2x and at current prices levels. Shares locked up in stronger hands.
  • Mid-month short covering will definitely push prices up as most of the shares are in much stronger hands. The last mid-month cover 2 weeks back, push SUTI 200%, next one will be even bigger.
  • The key here is that the company insiders plan to get SUTI to proper value in the near term with target prices between $0.15 and $0.20. That is monster gains from current levels and definitely an opportunity not to miss.

SUTI pushed to close at $0.0159 up 43% off lows of the day with increasing volume of 8.7Million. The race is on towards a bullish breakout, and with series of news, and financials to be released it will give an extra boost to prices this week

Beer money or Daiquiris in “Bora Bora”  you choice, but we are seeing weak panic sellers even losing their beer money to short MM games. Key here is to hold your shares tight and let them chase the price sky high to cover.

Select University Technologies, in.

“We will either find a way, or make one.”

The words of Carthaginian General Hannibal Barca are usually associated with his best-known military campaign. The quote, however, is not about Hannibal’s stunning victory. The quote is about the importance of strategy and tactics…about finding or making a way – a better way – to achieve success.

Hannibal was a gifted strategist, tactician and commander, and his place in history is about creating a new and better way. It is not so much the WHAT, but the HOW, that is Hannibal’s genius, reputation and legacy. And it is the HOW that is central to the SUTI story.

SUTIMCo Inc. is in the business of building businesses, and changing the paradigm of technology commercialization. The process inputs are PEOPLE, SYSTEMS, TECHNOLOGY and MONEY; and the outputs are the large liquidation event for each portfolio company.

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