SUTI – Many questions to be answered soon enough

We have received quite a few question regarding the trading activity on SUTI, and no doubt we have some question of our own. With SUTI’s financials due on the 15th, company representative ensured us they will file this week that will include key information including confirmation that share float of 41 Million shares. We also confirmed the float from a well know institutional financial system

Share float is the actual number of shares that can be traded into the market, compared to total outstanding shares which represents the total amount of shares the company has. The difference between float and outstanding are the restricted shares that needs to be held for at least 1 year. Any new issues will be restricted from trading for 1 year and not part of the float or daily trading volume

For a penny stock trading at these levels, 41 million share float is super low and can move fast and furious. So it poses another question on the minds of our members.

The main question in everyone’s mind is with a confirmed share float of 41 million shares, how can SUTI trade over 130 Million shares in the last 2 weeks since our alert at $0.0067 and not be trading well above the $0.10 level. That’s almost triple the float, not to mention BIG blocks changing hands in the amount of 3 to 5 million shares which interesting enough traded through 1 main Market Maker ‘ETRF’.

Trades of 3 to 5 million share blocks is getting quite close to “control blocks”, which is any shareholder possessing more than 10% of total outstanding. Not only would these shares be locked up and restricted from selling, reporting and disclosure must be made through otcmarkets filings which to date we have not seen.

Possibilities to explain this include a HUGE short attack on SUTI, and the first indication that this may be the case was the huge push on July 30th jumping 200% in 1 day.

No doubt, there were some smart buyers scooping at low prices ;) but we also suspect and initial short covering adding fuel to the bullish run. Our next trigger event is expect at the mid-month for more short covering that can take up past historic highs.

News is always on the mind of investors for the latest updates, and we definitely expect news this week. But only the company dictates news and when they are to be released. With several updates pending to be released from the company, we expect some MAJOR updates to trigger a bullish breakout.


The key here is that high profile institutions from over 2 dozen Universities is backing SUTI and their potential projects. These players would not be involved with anything but big rewards for the future.

If we look back at one of the most successful product development from University group, Research in Motion (RIMM) there is definitely monster value built up in rarely explored areas. RIMM was developed at Waterloo, Canada and has been a monster success generating over $20 Billion in sales per year - all from a University group with an idea. SUTI is that next group with a HUGE line up of potential portfolio of winners like::

company logo

Think of AquaStar as a completely green air conditioner. Ultra-high cooling efficiency. No hazardous refrigerant chemicals. Saves electricity. Cleans the air. AquaStar is a new generation air conditioning compressor technology that enables the use of water as a refrigerant in residential and light-industrial air conditioners, replacing environmentally hazardous chemicals.  Technology: Texas A&M University. Read more…


company logo

Wildcap Energy Storage Devices Inc. – provides a paradigm changing wind turbine design that will produce more energy at half the cost of conventional wind turbines.

company logo

CapWave Sensors – is a rapid, sensitive, and portable Enzyme-Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assay (ELISA) platform for use anywhere antibody based testing can be done. The technology automates the entire process from start to finish, runs in just 22 minutes, is up to 4 times more sensitive and is the size of a shoebox…

company logo
Unlike anything currently available, Xpert Technologies’ Adaptive Decision Manager closes the painful gap between Predictive Analytics and Decision Management by providing real-time decision agility and performance improvement with more informed, timely and insightful solutions in a wide and deep range of business needs. Technology: Florida State University. Read more…

With innovative products and solid University backing, it’s “Blue Skies” for SUTI! Remarkably, this spectacular fountainhead of technology remains largely unexploited.

Boston University logoAmherst logoCal-tech Pasadena logoClemson logoUniversity of Minnesota logoCornell logoUniversity of New Mexico logoFlorida State University logoOklahoma University logoUniversity of Rochester logoPurdue university logoRutgers logoUniversity of South CarolinalogoUSC logoUniv arkansas logoUniversity of Utah logoVirgina Tech logoUCSD logoUniversity of Dayton logoTexas AM logo

Select University Technologies, in.

“We will either find a way, or make one.”

The words of Carthaginian General Hannibal Barca are usually associated with his best-known military campaign. The quote, however, is not about Hannibal’s stunning victory. The quote is about the importance of strategy and tactics…about finding or making a way – a better way – to achieve success.

Hannibal was a gifted strategist, tactician and commander, and his place in history is about creating a new and better way. It is not so much the WHAT, but the HOW, that is Hannibal’s genius, reputation and legacy. And it is the HOW that is central to the SUTI story.

SUTIMCo Inc. is in the business of building businesses, and changing the paradigm of technology commercialization. The process inputs are PEOPLE, SYSTEMS, TECHNOLOGY and MONEY; and the outputs are the large liquidation event for each portfolio company.

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