DEGH, IFHR – This week’s Solid Gains are nothing compared to what we expect next week

IFHR & DEGH is right on track for monster gains. Next week will be a week of HUGE potential gains – definitely don’t want to miss this.

Investing just $5,000 in our recent long term features would have made you an instant millionaire tallying close to 60,000% in total GAINS!

Easton Pharma - EAPH 

Now, members have a chance to do it all over again with the 2011 play of the year…


 IFHR ended the week up 466% since our initial alert and closing at an historic high.

DEGH jumped to $0.75 on initial reverse merger talks – IFHR has only 1/5 of the float (7.7M) than that of DEGH. It’s anyone’s guess where IFHR will take off to, but if DEGH made it to $0.75 on 4-5x higher float, just think where IFHR can go $$$$.

IFHR is making a HUGE move higher closing SOLID GREEN for the 4th day in a row! IFHR is primed and ready for a mega breakout when news is unleashed by the company. We are locked and loaded for next week wild action.

DEGH Chart

Our Due Diligence already picked up on some interesting information:

- Company already identified 2 reverse merger candidates
- Sales of at least $2 Million to start
- Financial already completed - the trigger point for the company to release an update
- Only 7.7 million shares in the float  IFHR can jump quickly when news is released

 I am diligently seeking merger candidate and I am in talks with two good ones right now. I’m intending to fast-track the financials …..” IFHR – May 8, 2011

We continue to monitor all our long term plays and recent winners as additional updated are released. These features are not your 1-2 day plays, but   long term investing for HUGE gains that are very much in play

 Initial Alert: $0.0015
High Price: $0.75 (Target price)
Total Gains: 50,000%

DEGH now on a solid bounce play jumping 13.63% today. With shares shifting to stronger long term hands, DEGH is ready to start a bullish run towards our historic $0.75 target.

DEGH last traded at $0.224 making a 180 degrees bullish turnaround move – momentum is building on this for much higher prices.


DEGH Chart

About Double Eagle Holdings Double Eagle Holdings is an innovative consumer products holding company and the parent company of Fuse Science, Inc.  Based in Aventura, Florida, Fuse Science is the developer of patent-pending conveyance technologies poised to redefine how consumers receive energy, medicines, vitamins and minerals, delivering benefits faster and more effectively than ever before.  Information about Fuse Science is available online at or by calling 305-503-FUSE


  Initial Alert: $0.035
  High Price: $0.27
  Total Gains: 700%

One of our favorite long-term plays, we wait for the initial report on the Nova Scotia Property. Trueclaim is working on the property building it towards a 43-101. This will get things rocking and rolling big time once release.

BRYN also announce another significant share reduction and reducing the float to only 13.5M – this will definitely squeeze any wiggle room from the shorts.

About Bryn Resources Inc.

Bryn Resources is a precious metals exploration company currently concentrating its efforts in Eastern Canada region holding 100% interest in Renfrew Nova Scotia that comprises of 62 Claims covering 2,480 acres, and 100% interest in Wine Harbour, Nova Scotia with rights to 53 mineral claims for a total of 2,100 acres. These claims have historically demonstrated their mineralization and in the period between 1862 and 1939 yielded 42,726 ounces of gold from 83,000 tons of ore, for an average content of 0.52 ounces per ton. Bryn Resources Inc. continues to seek partnerships in proven mineralization which are close to the production phase.


Easton Pharma - EAPH

  Initial Alert: $0.03
  High Price: $0.11
  Total Gains: 250+%
EAPH is bouncing solid off support levels, with smart accumulation holding for the next breakout news that will get EAPH shooting past recent highs. Take the opportunity to load up on the minor pull backs, a strategy we always take advantage of to make some mega gains.

Easton Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company that designs, develops and markets a range of premium, topically delivered therapeutic health care products. The company’s proprietary gel formulation is an innovative and unique transdermal delivery system.

The system is the technology that allows for the rapid development of non-invasive, naturally derived topical solutions that have the ability to revitalize and stimulate the healing of a variety of skin and tissue conditions. The transdermal delivery system allows for the targeted delivery of active ingredients, vitamins and herbs through the skin to the underlying tissue.

The company has utilized its transdermal delivery system to develop a safe and effective female sexual enhancement product. The company’s goal is to develop a portfolio of topical pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products targeting various skin and tissue conditions including: scars and stretch marks, cellulite and varicose veins.

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