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EKNL – Key Monster News just unleashed this morning!

EKNL just broke it’s silence and unleashed a monster update this morning definitely kick-starting the company in high gear! EKO International Corp. – Change in Directors This is key showing that EKNL has been hard at work in the background and we suspect HUGE deals are being made and we will know soon enough.

EKNL – Xtreme breakout run, and it’s just the beginning! Ticker: EKNL Close: $0.1599 (+128.43%) Wow what a wicked day on our first day of our CORE alert with EKNL jumping to an intraday high of $0.2279 up 226% on record volumes of 3.2 Million shares traded! We have already seen EKNL soar to $0.80 (+1,900%) in over a month when we first [...]

EKNL (EKO International) – Medical Company Seeking Growth through Acquisition Ticker: EKNL Last Close: $0.07 EKNL is just about to go insane again!!! The last time we profiled EKNL, prices soared from $0.04 to $0.80 (1,900%) in a month! It looks like EKNL is setting up for another XTREME rally and we definitely aiming to exceed these levels! News was just unleashed by [...]

It’s almost here, our XTREME CORE Alert just hours away!

Get ready, it’s just about to get insane with our XTREME “CORE” play on Monday April 14th right at 9:30am. Our CORE plays have always been HUGE winners for our members with 1,000%+ average gains and we feature them for weeks! Get ready for Monday, this is definitely a CORE alert play you don’t want [...]

BWMG (Brownie’s Marine Group) – Today’s XTREME momentum alert

After a long winter, Spring is finally here and summer not too far away, that means water activities is on everyone’s mind and BWMG should definitely be on your mind and radar today! BWMG recent consolidation at super bargain levels is set up perfectly for a major bounce. Check out the BWMG’s chart here

Slight Change in Plans New XTREME “CORE” Alert to be released April 14th at 9:30am!

We made a slight change in plans and will be releasing our next XTREME “CORE” play on Monday April 14th right at 9:30am. This will give us the weekend to finalize and to really ramp things up. This may even allow us to get out a couple of Momentum plays to keep the gains coming [...]

New XTREME “CORE” to be released April 10th at 9:30am EST!

Mark your calendar, we are unleashing our next Xtreme “CORE” alert on April 10th right at 9:30am and this can be the biggest Alert this year! That’s saying something when our last CORE alert booked a potential 1,000%+ in gains, and our alerts this year have been on FIRE!

Special Update on our New XTREME “CORE” alert this weekend

Stay tuned this weekend, we will be announcing the date of our next XTREME “CORE” alert in APRIL! Members know our “CORE” alerts can give a potential 1,000%+ gains and we feature them for weeks. Not too mention our alerts this year have been on FIRE! Members following our recent picks could have turned $1,000 [...]

TAUG our XTREME alert nearing 52-week high, up 300% from our Alert.

Our picks have definitely been on a winning streak and our latest momentum alert TAUG is up 300% since our alert last week! TAUG another solid Cannabis/Marijuana play is making headline with their recent acquisition of California’s Leading Manufacturer of Topical and Medicinal Cannabis Based Therapeutic Creams Check out the recent press release here.

TTEG – Weekend Report, Upgraded Price Target pushing to a new 52-week high close.

Get TTEG Special Weekend Report Here We hope you’re not missing this XTREME run on TTEG, we have just started! TTEG closed at a new 52-week high of $0.081 up 14.29% on the day and no signs of slowing down here. In fact, our weekend report created a HUGE buzz from the report’s upgraded prices [...]

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