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ETBI (Eastgate Biotech Corp) – Making a HUGE splash in ‘Pharma-Technology’ Ticker: ETBI Last Close: $0.0347 Pharmaceutical companies are making headlines lately and we have just found a gem trading at XTREME bargain levels – ETBI. This week, ETBI announced a new President, Rose. C. Parri, a season veteran in the biotech and life sciences industry. She also brings 20 years of experience.

FXCM – Huge 2 day gainer with 134% gains, Tomorrow New XTREME alert at 9:30 will be even sweeter!

FXCM definitely did not disappoint today jumping 37% making our gain tally of 134% since our $1.50 alert – sweet right? We get ready for another sweet ALERT, Tomorrow at 9:30am – another XTREME gains potential here. Make sure you get our alert quick tomorrow at 9:30am – you can get it fast from our [...]

NEIK – Northstar Electronics Inc on XTREME alert

Were you following our Social Media site today? If you did, you got a small glimpse of our first XTREME alert for 2015! NEIK on XTREME ALERT for Tomorrow! Now here’s a sub penny play with HUGE potential for solid gains Late day rally pushed NEIK up 10% to $0.0055, and with super low shares [...]

CMGO – CMG Holding Inc: It’s Game on with our Power Hour Alert Ticker: CMGO Last Close: $0.0119 Are you ready for “POWER HOUR” trading?! CMGO IS BACK ON XTREME’S RADAR AND READY TO BREAKOUT HUGE! CMGO is making a “game” changer move, literally! ” CMG made a bold move into the burgeoning video gaming space, acquiring Good Gaming Inc., a North American, high-powered site that builds [...]

NVIV – Are you catching this, XTREME Breakout! Ticker: NVIV Alert Price: $0.60 Last Price: $1.28 (110%) As we predicted, NVIV broke out of it’s Flag formation and now on an XTREME breakout trading at $1.28 up 110% since our Alert price of $0.60 just a few weeks back. We are seeing lots of upside potential here and news continues to flow [...]

NVIV – Soars past our near term target of $1 on more key news Ticker: NVIV Alert Price: $0.60 Last Price: $0.90 (50%) Investors following our social media sites including TWITTER and FACEBOOK have been watching our regular updates on NVIV with key news pushing prices to a high of $1.04 (+73%) and over our near term target of $1. With a minor correction in place, NVIV is [...]

Are you ready? New XTREME Alert Tuesday Sept 23 9:30am!

Let’s kick off the FALL season with an XTREME potential for HUGE gains with our new alert to be unleashed on Tuesday 9:30am. Our picks have been nothing short of awesome where our picks this year could have turned a $1,000 investment into over $500,000! Our picks gained some 300%-500% with even some hitting over [...]

PACM – A $1+ potential play we have seen before.

  Ticker: PACM Close: $0.08 (+100%) PACM is also shaping up very similar resource play we did a few years back that soared from $0.04 to $0.89 – a 2,000% gainer on insane volumes – check out the historic chart below

TTEG – This play will make your year! Report update this weekend

TTEG continues to show XTREME strength last traded at $0.0339 +17% on the day and with a $0.25+ price target, at super bargain level prices now with smart buyers picking up value! TTEG recently announced key management change and seems the new management is not wasting any time getting TTEG going Turbine Truck Engines, Inc. [...]

 New XTREME Alert tomorrow Wednesday July 2 9:30am!

Our picks this year already had a potential for HUGE gains, in fact if you traded each alert perfectly,  you could have book over 5,000% in gains! And just this week 2 XTREME alerts made HUGE gains of over 1,900% BZYR and AERS posting over 1,900% gains, watch for our next alert!

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