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SSOL – Jumping 27% today on key Breakout Pattern

Ticker: SSOL Alert Price: $0.01 Last Price: $0.0218 (+118%) Today’s move is definitely a signal of a major breakout run possibility for SSOL passing through key resistance levels and definitely looking to be getting close to key company updates. Check our special report on SSOL here

NVIV – Our $0.60 making bank with 400% gains Ticker: NVIV Alert Price: $0.60 Last Price: $2.93 (400% gains) NVIV is on FIRE and been climbing steady since our CORE ALERT at $0.60. Investors holding tight are banking 400%! Check out our breakout chart here NVIV continues to show significant progress in their clinical trials and no doubt this is just the start [...]

ETBI (Eastgate Biotech Corp) – Making a HUGE splash in ‘Pharma-Technology’ Ticker: ETBI Last Close: $0.0347 Pharmaceutical companies are making headlines lately and we have just found a gem trading at XTREME bargain levels – ETBI. This week, ETBI announced a new President, Rose. C. Parri, a season veteran in the biotech and life sciences industry. She also brings 20 years of experience.

FXCM – Huge 2 day gainer with 134% gains, Tomorrow New XTREME alert at 9:30 will be even sweeter!

FXCM definitely did not disappoint today jumping 37% making our gain tally of 134% since our $1.50 alert – sweet right? We get ready for another sweet ALERT, Tomorrow at 9:30am – another XTREME gains potential here. Make sure you get our alert quick tomorrow at 9:30am – you can get it fast from our [...]

NEIK – Northstar Electronics Inc on XTREME alert

Were you following our Social Media site today? If you did, you got a small glimpse of our first XTREME alert for 2015! NEIK on XTREME ALERT for Tomorrow! Now here’s a sub penny play with HUGE potential for solid gains Late day rally pushed NEIK up 10% to $0.0055, and with super low shares [...]

CMGO – CMG Holding Inc: It’s Game on with our Power Hour Alert Ticker: CMGO Last Close: $0.0119 Are you ready for “POWER HOUR” trading?! CMGO IS BACK ON XTREME’S RADAR AND READY TO BREAKOUT HUGE! CMGO is making a “game” changer move, literally! ” CMG made a bold move into the burgeoning video gaming space, acquiring Good Gaming Inc., a North American, high-powered site that builds [...]

NVIV – Are you catching this, XTREME Breakout! Ticker: NVIV Alert Price: $0.60 Last Price: $1.28 (110%) As we predicted, NVIV broke out of it’s Flag formation and now on an XTREME breakout trading at $1.28 up 110% since our Alert price of $0.60 just a few weeks back. We are seeing lots of upside potential here and news continues to flow [...]

NVIV – Soars past our near term target of $1 on more key news Ticker: NVIV Alert Price: $0.60 Last Price: $0.90 (50%) Investors following our social media sites including TWITTER and FACEBOOK have been watching our regular updates on NVIV with key news pushing prices to a high of $1.04 (+73%) and over our near term target of $1. With a minor correction in place, NVIV is [...]

Are you ready? New XTREME Alert Tuesday Sept 23 9:30am!

Let’s kick off the FALL season with an XTREME potential for HUGE gains with our new alert to be unleashed on Tuesday 9:30am. Our picks have been nothing short of awesome where our picks this year could have turned a $1,000 investment into over $500,000! Our picks gained some 300%-500% with even some hitting over [...]

PACM – A $1+ potential play we have seen before.

  Ticker: PACM Close: $0.08 (+100%) PACM is also shaping up very similar resource play we did a few years back that soared from $0.04 to $0.89 – a 2,000% gainer on insane volumes – check out the historic chart below

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