$BRYN, $GTA.V – Hold on tightly to your shares for this weekend's Research report

Pre-market action on BRYN is definitely looking towards an interesting trading session as short continue to get pressured to cover, and solid news adding buying pressure like we saw towards end of day trading yesterday. With the expected research report from Direct Global Media this weekend, we are setting up for a solid breakout next week.

When short get caught, they will try every trick in the book to entice sellers. Investors stand to make much more gains by letting them chase the price up than fall for their tricks. The key here is that these companies have solid fundamentals and no dilution – a key recipe for a short squeeze.

BRYN’s Wine Harbour Property already yielded $68 million with much more expected

We are not talking about small potatoes here, with historic gold production already amounted to $68 million, it’s not a question of if there’s gold, it’s how much gold is there!

New Research report from Direct Global Media this weekend

We just got word that Direct Global Media (http://www.directglobalmedia.com) will be issuing a Research Report this weekend with price targets. We all know what happened with their last report on DEGH which hit their $0.75 target in just 4 days - giving members a 50,000% total gain tally. When Direct Global Media put’s out their research report, investors listen. Direct Global Media must be expecting something big to be released by the company soon.

Investors definitely want to be holders this weekend where anything can happen, and can spark a major rally next week to much higher prices.

BRYN closed at $0.225 up 12.5% giving us an initial bullish trend indicator after a confirmed Golden Cross – we are in a buying mood today and definitely holding this weekend in anticipation of Direct Global Media’s research report. If they are anywhere near successful on their previous report, DEGH, you can expect we see some more millionaires pop up from our members list.

BRYN Chart

Yesterday, BRYN released another solid press release showing the mega potential of their Nova Scotia properties – this has becoming a major hot spot in Canadian gold exploration. With Gold trading near record highs, you bet that there will be much focus from the big boys on developments in this region.

Bryn Resources Inc. provides additional updates on its property in Renfew, Nova Scotia

Bryn Resources Inc. is pleased to provide additional updates to its acquisition of an interest in a property in Renfew, Nova Scotia, Hants County District as disclosed in their Q3 quarterly filings. The acquisition consists of 62 mineral claims, each comprising 40 acres, for a total of 2,480 acres.

Bryn Resources Inc. is finalizing a consulting and ground assessment program with a very reputable and publicly listed company which will include an evaluation of the resource potential of these mineral claims.

Bryn Resources Inc. anticipates similar mineral characteristic as evidenced at our Wine Harbour property where claims have historically demonstrated, in the period between 1862 and 1939, a yield of 42,726 ounces of gold from 83,000 tons of ore, for an average content of 0.52 ounces per ton. At present Gold values this would have generated $68,000,000 subject to extraction cost.

As our corporate program is to progress to become a fully reporting company and increase transparency, we will continue to provide periodic updates on our progress with our current interests in Nova Scotia as well as any additional acquisitions.
About Bryn Resources Inc.

Bryn Resources is a precious metals exploration company currently concentrating its efforts in Eastern Canada region holding 100% interest in Renfrew Nova Scotia that comprises of 62 Claims covering 2,480 acres, and 100% interest in Wine Harbour, Nova Scotia with rights to 53 mineral claims for a total of 2,100 acres. These claims have historically demonstrated their mineralization and in the period between 1862 and 1939 yielded 42,726 ounces of gold from 83,000 tons of ore, for an average content of 0.52 ounces per ton. Bryn Resources Inc. continues to seek partnerships in proven mineralization which are close to the production phase.


Confirmed bonanza grade gold mineralization!

Eastern Canada is not the only hot zone for Gold mining and exploration, we look at GTA’s tried and true Northern Ontario gold mineralization zones which has proven itself million times over of significant gold production potential. With their latest news release on bonanza grade gold, we are definitely looking at a continuation of significant reserves possibilities.

“Eureka, We hit the Mother Lode” – this is something we expect to hear from GTA Resources and Mining Inc. fairly soon if recent sampling is an indication of what’s to come. When these words are spoken, watch out, all bets are off on how high this can go.

GTA’s Due Diligence Grab Sampling Returns Grades of Up to 7520 g/t Gold (219.42 oz/t) – now that’s impressive and we expect to see more of the same impressive results over the next few weeks.

GTA.V closed at $0.25 relatively flat and up 40% since yesterday’s alert. Volume has been exceptionally strong, a solid indication that more investors are taking notice.

GTA Chart

We also got our confirmed golden cross, a convincing bullish trend that this is ready to breakout. Scooping up share here may prove to give big returns especially if they release expected results of a mother lode – initial sampling is definitely indicating much more to come.


GTA Resources is Canadian resource exploration company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange as GTA. GTA’s strengths are its large property in Northern Ontario near Highway 11, its successful and experienced management team and board of directors, and its disciplined approach to efficiently stewarding the shareholders’ capital.

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