A New Mega alert to add to our long term features of $EAPH, $TRM.V, and $BRYN

We are getting real excited after a weekend of analysis and hard work. We are ready to unleash our new mega pick this week and it’s looking more than ever as the PICK for 2011. As with all our feature picks we stay on for the long term, covering our recent long term features EAPH, TRM.V, and BRYN as significant updates are released.

Our next pick is also shaping up for another long term play to add to our portfolio of plays – and a 10-50x price increase potential. DEGH was 2010 mega alert topping 50,000% we are now looking at the 2011 pick of the year – so don’t miss it. 

What is very interesting is our new pick has very similar characteristics as DEGH.

- Extremely small float and outstanding
- No Dilution
- Reverse Merger Imminent.
- Trading at only pennies
Remember with DEGH, it was the reverse merger with FUSE Science that triggered a huge bullish rally. Our next pick, a potential Reverse merger candidate, can follow in the same footsteps of DEGH which jumped from sub-pennies to reach our target of $0.75 and a 50,000% gainer! 


This is a week you don’t want to miss. 

October will also expect some significant updates on our recent long term plays, EAPH, TRM.V, and BRYN - we are keeping these on high alert.





TRM.V continues to pull rabbits out of their hat. From application to approval in 3 weeks is unheard of when requesting a bulk sampling permit. This goes to show you how well respected Trueclaim is in the Canadian mining industry.

Trueclaim Announces Approval for Bulk Sampling on the Tecumseh Property

Even Terry Bradshaw of Today in America agrees that TRMNF is a solid investment with impressive mining technology http://www.youtube.com/embed/Zsiaqi0bmvE

About Trueclaim

Trueclaim Exploration Inc. is a mineral exploration company listed on the TSX-Venture Exchange. Trueclaim is engaged in the acquisition and development of precious and base metals properties in strategically located areas, currently within Ontario and Arizona







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BRYN closed at $0.14 – extremely undervalued with huge potential, and October will be extra special for the company as we anticipate significant findings from Trueclaim’s report to be released this month. This initial report towards the 43-101 will get BRYN much closer to tapping into a $100M credit facility which is already in place.

About Bryn Resources Inc.

Bryn Resources is a precious metals exploration company currently concentrating its efforts in Eastern Canada region holding 100% interest in Renfrew Nova Scotia that comprises of 62 Claims covering 2,480 acres, and 100% interest in Wine Harbour, Nova Scotia with rights to 53 mineral claims for a total of 2,100 acres. These claims have historically demonstrated their mineralization and in the period between 1862 and 1939 yielded 42,726 ounces of gold from 83,000 tons of ore, for an average content of 0.52 ounces per ton. Bryn Resources Inc. continues to seek partnerships in proven mineralization which are close to the production phase.


Easton Pharma - EAPH


Watch for a bounce and trend to bullish levels for EAPH this week. The news out of the company over the past few weeks continues to impress and we anticipate some major revenue and $$ news to keep the pressure going on this long term play. Take the opportunity to load up on the minor pull backs, a strategy we always take advantage of to make some mega gains.


Easton Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company that designs, develops and markets a range of premium, topically delivered therapeutic health care products. The company’s proprietary gel formulation is an innovative and unique transdermal delivery system.

The system is the technology that allows for the rapid development of non-invasive, naturally derived topical solutions that have the ability to revitalize and stimulate the healing of a variety of skin and tissue conditions. The transdermal delivery system allows for the targeted delivery of active ingredients, vitamins and herbs through the skin to the underlying tissue.

The company has utilized its transdermal delivery system to develop a safe and effective female sexual enhancement product. The company’s goal is to develop a portfolio of topical pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products targeting various skin and tissue conditions including: scars and stretch marks, cellulite and varicose veins.

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