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AERS, CMGO – Record breaking day to end the week Solid!

AERS and CMGO trading session today was just spectacular to say the least. CMGO close at the high of the day (HOD) and the highest level in 2012 at $0.04 making our gains tally of 600% since our initial alert. Members who were patient and even took advantage of minor dips are up big time. [...]

AERS, CMGO – Ready to make more highs!

AERS and CMGO is on a tear in early trading with AERS jumping 30% to $0.015 and on solid news that Direct Global Media has initiated coverage with price targets soon to follow. This definitely tells us that MAJOR news is ready to be released!. CMGO is breaking into record territory again last traded as [...]

AERS, CMGO – Research reports says it all.

We got several solid research reports initiating coverage on both AERS and CMGO confirming these monster plays for mega gains. Wall Street Resources Inc recently initiated coverage on CMGO with price targets between $0.11 to $0.26 which also confirms Direct Global Media’s (DGM) near and long term prices targets! Direct Global Media just announced this [...]

AERS, CMGO – How we get to our price targets to spell MONSTER GAINS

CMGO released news today with Wall Street Resources Inc initiating price targets between $0.11 to $0.26 which also confirms Direct Global Media’s (DGM) near and long term prices targets! Grass Roots Research initiated their target on AERS with a mind blowing $0.59 per share. Add these two projections together spell mega gains for long term [...]

AERS, CMGO – “STRONG” BUYS all around

ALERT! News just by Wall Street Resources Inc, confirming Direct Global Media’s (DGM) near and long term prices targets! As released last month DGM released their price targets on CMGO near term ($0.10), and Long Term ($0.20) – Wall Street Resources, Inc released their report with price targets today ranging from $0.11 to $0.26 [...]

AERS, CMGO – Well on our way for much more MEGA Gains.

AERS and CMGO showed strong bullish trading today and either you scooped up shares on the minor dips or average down your position you are sitting on a solid position in the company of long term and strong investors. AERS, jump 34.6% higher today and on a bullish trend ready to breach historic highs. Yesterday, [...]

AERS, CMGO – Where the smart money is for Mega Gains

With AudioEye spin off shares just days away, investors need to be holders of CMGO to get them. Smart buyers were scooping up shares at ridiculous cheap prices and took the opportunity to jump in on minor dips. We look for these key entry points, and CMGO served it up on a silver platter dipping [...]

AERS, CMGO – Opportunities too good to pass up.

When CMGO was alert back in May, it jump with solid gains from sub pennies to hit a high of $0.0235 (300%+ gainer). It also gave us several solid entry points buying on the dips and even dropped briefly back under $0.01. This was a HUGE buying opportunity to load up at super cheap levels. [...]

AERS – Shake out the weak, in with the long and strong.

Large smart buyers jumped on AERS after an early morning shake as weak traders looking for beer money shifted profits to long term buyers who jumped on the chance to scoop at ridiculously low prices. We have also noticed and are monitoring an affiliate to the company who is selling into the market also this [...]

AERS – Ready for the next level up

No doubt the overall market yesterday was challenging with the Nasdaq and Dow showing red across the board. It also gave AERS a solid breather and consolidation of monster gains from last week which jumpedĀ  800% from our $0.003 alert and holding solid at $0.02. We are ready for the next bullish level up and [...]

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