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CBIS – The opportunity is there for the taking!

CBIS had another record breaking session with another all-time HIGH of $0.2455 and 500%+ for members who jumped on our alert at $0.04 – a record breaking day with volumes of 116 Million shares traded! CBIS definitely had some wild trading action today and gave investors several opportunities to jump in for a solid position [...]

CBIS – How HIGH can this really go?

When you have a trifecta indicator of a “Golden Cross”, “Blue Sky” Territory,  and “Flag Bullish Breakout” you have a recipe for a mega breakout just like we have seen with Cannabis Science (CBIS) today. Members are now up 300%+ since our alert last month We alerted our members a few weeks back at $0.04 [...]

CBIS – Making monster run this morning up 50% into “Blue Skies” Territory

MID-DAY MEGA GAIN ALERT! We alerted our members a few weeks back at $0.04 of this monster and CBIS never looked back now up 50% today and 300% since our alert! CBIS is now in “Blue Sky” territory and all bets are off on how high this can reach. With solid news releases over the [...]

DROP, CBIS – With news like today, it’s a no brainer!

It definitely was not quiet on the news front with DROP (+83,000%) and CBIS (+200%) posing solid gains today on the backs of solid updates. This week is primed for more HUGE gains for our members!   DROP is becoming one of the best valued long term play that already gave members 83,000% gains from [...]

IFHR, CBIS – Looking towards an Oscar winning week!

We are gearing up for a month end trading session which will not only be wild but have the potential to give members some serious gains. Our long term plays IFHR (+300%) and CBIS (+100%) pushed for some mega gains last week and definite plays to be on radar this week. IFHR is super close [...]

IFHR, CBIS – Ready to add more to our 200%+ gains this week.

IFHR continues to hold on to solid gains from our original alert at $0.03 (+166%) and our update alert this week  (+50%). News released by IFHR today confirmed that the company is right on track with their reverse merger and uplisting plan. Smart investors are definitely accumulating valued IFHR shares at these cheap levels that [...]

IFHR, CBIS – Members adding to their monster gains!

Congrats to our members holding strong to our long term plays like IFHR (+300%) and CBIS (+100%) and making some serious GREEN. CBIS jumped 63% yesterday on HUGE news from the company and a solid trading session, now this is how members make monster gains. IFHR is super close to announcing their Reverse Merger candidate [...]

IFHR – Bulls in full control!

Every trading day we get closer and closer to IFHR release of their reverse merger candidate and uplisting to higher exchange. IFHR closed today with a significant technical indicator of a “Bullish Engulfing” candlestick formation showing bulls are in full control. Reverse Merger (R/M) plays can be extremely profitable as we have seen in DROP’s [...]

IFHR – Now this is a Chart Breakout Event

IFHR’s “triple witching effect” on its technical charts is signalling a Chart Event Breakout and members can see some quick price jumps and monster gains. With yesterday’s solid update from the company, and IFHR chart set up perfectly, this is a no brainer and the exact same set up which we’ve seen prior to DROPs [...]

IFHR – Reverse Mergers, now this is where the Money is at!

Ticker: IFHR Exchange: OTCPink Last Traded: $0.085 IFHR had an awesome start to the week on major update from the company confirming it’s Reverse Merger ready and preparing for a move to a higher exchange. The flood-gates were opened early this morning with IFHR closing at $0.085, up 41.66% as volumes came pouring in. With [...]

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