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Happy Holiday’s and a propserous New Year!

The team at would like to wish all our members a Happy Holiday and prosperous New Year. This year has no doubt been a monster year for our members and making some millionaires. Here’s to just a few of our Mega Winners which continues to be our long term features being played in rotation [...]

BRYN, DROP – How long term plays translate to Mega Gains!

Bryn Resources Inc (BRYN) pushed higher today closing green with solid buzz action that we are looking at a monster update on the Nova Scotia Property fairly soon – an early holiday gift? We think so. Fuse Science (DROP) is building a solid foundation and rightly so with 83,000% gains under our belt since our [...]

BRYN, DROP – Ready for the next breakout move.

We predicted  BRYN will be the next breakout long term feature and we just got a hint that proved we are right on the money with todays solid “Green” move to close up 16.7% to $0.14, a definite winner in today’s market. We anticipated we are very close to the property report on BRYN’s Nova Scotia properties. [...]

Fuse Science (DROP) – Monster Breakout to our $1.25 target and 83,000% in Gains!

Monster congratulations to members who held out for a total gain of 83,000% and slamming our long term target of $1.25 as DROP made a huge breakout today jumping into dollar land. …and it all began over 1 year ago with our initial alert at $0.0015 and our newsletter telling members that we were on [...]

FUSE Science (DROP) How our 50,000% Monster winner is ready to give us much more!

Our feature picks are no one day wonders but long term plays for long term gains – this is where the true gains are made and nothing better proves it than Fuse Science (DROP) with Friday’s closing at near all-time highs. Reverse merger plays like DROP can make investors significant returns in all phases. The [...]

AERO, AMR, DROP – This is what trigger levels can do

AERO, AMR, DROP – This is what trigger levels can do When our feature picks hit its trigger breakout level like we seen today  with AMR, the gains come fast and furious and the best position is to be on side when it does. With AERO and DROP on the verge of their respective trigger [...]

AERO, DROP, AMR – The word is definitely getting around on these Mega plays!

Market Recap AERO $0.045  – Holding solid to 80%+ gains with new DGM near term target of $0.23 DROP  $0.46 -Tiger Wood win adding fuel. AMR $0.4215 – 56 Million shares traded! DOW 12,097.83  +71.48pts NASDAQ 2,65576 +28.83pts TSX 12,119.33 +44.24pts   Initial Alert: $0.025 High Price: $0.10 Total Gains: 333% AERO Buzz is definitely heating up and is [...]

AERO, DROP, AMR – Triple threat for Monster Gains!

 Direct Global Media (DGM) just unleashed a monster Research Report on AERO International Inc (AERO:OTCBB) this weekend and a must read before today’s trading session. Get the FREE research report here!

GTA.V – TSX Venture Gold feature on the right path.

“Stocks are positively correlated in the short term with the precious metals and the bullish outlook for stocks is therefore positive news for gold, silver and gold and silver mining stocks” 1 Gold is getting it luster back as prices are making  a move that can break the narrow trading level to push into record highs [...]

AERO, DROP, AMR – FREE Research Reports now available.

Direct Global Media (DGM) just unleashed a Research Report on AERO International Inc (AERO:OTCBB) and it’s painting a profitable future for the company as it enters its peak sales season of the year. Get the FREE research report here! Direct Global Media’s last report on DROP (DEGH) – rallied big time when they released their price target, jumping [...]

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