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FLPC – The key to buying for Mega Profits

When we release an alert, we look for huge long term gains. Our recent monster winner, IFHR which gave members 733% gains jumped from $0.03 to $0.25 in the days following our initial alert and held its gains for weeks. Buying on any minor dips paid off well for investors who took the opportunity, look [...]

FLPC – Pre-Market action buzzing from weekend action.

FLPC, Lithium, and China’s suspension of Rare Earth Metal production has been buzzing all weekend and the pre-market action is showing it big time.  FLPC and Rare Earth Metals like Lithium will be the talk of the week! FLPC is locked and loaded for a major bullish run from our monster 3pm breakout alert on Friday – this will definitely be [...]

FLPC – The buzz over Rare Earth and Lithium Prices is Crazy Bullish

The buzz around FLPC has been crazy this weekend as we expect major action this week. Rare Earth and Lithium prices are soaring as China suspends it’s production – that’s 50% of the  worldwide production- Lithium base companies like FLPC will benefit HUGE. China’s Rare Earth Production cut pushes prices sky high!

FLPC – Ourhotstockpick’s focus on domestic Lithium base producing company as China suspense Rare Earth Production

It is our strength and expertise to find sectors that members have a significant advantage over other investors, and we have it with FLPC. FLPC’s wicked action today is setting up for a monster week ahead and following in the samefoot steps of our last mega pick, IFHR, which jumped from pennies to $0.25 in the [...]

FLPC – New Monster Pick ready for a bullish breakout.

If you missed out on our recent monster alerts DEGH (+50,000%), BRYN (+700%), and $IFHR(+733%), here’s your chance to jump on another Hotstockpicks’s special that can land you 1,000%+ gains. First Liberty Power is setting up for a MEGA bounce play and with 25M shares float, this can move quick and much higher. Don’t miss [...]

Get ready for our Hot Stock Alert, Friday at 3PM EST

Our new alert is close at hand  -  we have already made members monster gains with our recent winners  DEGH (+50,000%), BRYN (+700%), and our newest monster $IFHR(+733%). All these picks continue to be on our long term hold list and will continue to update members as more big news is unleashed. We expect no [...]

Watch for our new Hot Stock Pick to be unleashed tomorrow, Friday at 3PM EST

Our last alert, IFHR jumped from $0.03 to a high of $0.25, a solid 733% gain, and with IFHR’s reverse merger news imminent, we are locked and loading, holding on long term for a breakout past its recent highs. We expect no less from our new alert tomorrow at 3pm EST- don’t miss out on [...]

TRM.V and Gold setting up for a solid bullish reversal play

We are definitely keeping a close eye on TRM.V this week as Gold is making another bullish reversal higher. Gold continues its advancement from Friday in early trading this week and is no doubt looking to continue its trend towards the predicted $2,500/oz. Like with many long term plays, buying on minor dips and consolidations make for [...]

TRM.V – Gold on the rise spells Mega $$s for Trueclaim (TRM.V)

Gold’s solid advancement today, up $25/oz to $1,642/oz, is starting to show its luster again as prices spring off support levels. As with many of our long term picks, loading up on the minor pullback is a solid strategy for mega gains, and it holds true with GOLD. Investing in small cap Gold Mining companies [...]

$IFHR – Reverse Merger Plays are where it’s at for Hot Stock Gains

Finding potential reverse merger plays is far and few between, but when you have a solid play like we found in DEGH and what we see in IFHR, it has the potential to make investors HUGE profits.   From time to time, we seek out potential reverse merger plays and buys in the market just like [...]

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