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#CAVR – Shorts playing a dangerous game

CAVR traded wildly today as shorts look like they were frantically passing around some of their short position to each other like a hot potato. Although, this may just buy them a few extra days, short will be scrambling to cover soon – the best defense is holding on to your shares and have the [...]

$CAVR – shorts continue to be pressured to cover, $0.20 target squeeze level

CAVR’s shorts have their backs up against the wall and will try any tricks they can muster to convince investors to sell to them at cheap prices – we will not sell any of our shares at any price less than $0.20 – you can count on that! With continue failure to deliver by the [...]

$BCDI moving higher on increasing volumes!

BCDI closed another green day and up close to 100% from our bottom bounce alert. With volumes corresponding to an increase in prices, we are heading towards a bullish trend that can retest historic highs and punch through the $1 mark again.

$BCDI, $CAVR – Both making solid moves higher!

We mentioned yesterday that BCDI is at a pivot point bouncing from historic lows and today we got a technical confirmation that the reversal and a breakout patter is emerging. CAVR was just flagged by for failure to deliver by the shorts (Rule4320) – forcing the shorts to cover their position by the end [...]

$BCDI – Looking at a unique opportunity to jump in cheap!

BCDI is giving us an unique opportunity to load up on rock bottom prices with a solid bounce from historic lows – with a billion dollar market BCDI is tapping into and a $0.95 price target by Zacks, members jumping in now can stand to make a solid gains of at least 500%. Fundamentals remain [...]

$CAVR – HUGE news just released!

CAVR just released a bomb shell press release that will definitely get buyers jumping in and shorters running for cover – this is huge folks. These prices will not last long and we will be looking at breaking historic highs quickly as the market gets wind of this. Already given members over 500% gains, today’s [...]

$IMNS – STAR 8 – Research Report Now Available

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$IMNS, $CAVR – Definitely lining up our buy orders for a monster breakout week.

Our feature plays this week IMNS (+133%) and CAVR (324%) ended last  week with solid gains and with the month heading near close, we expect some significant trading action. PRs have continue to fly out of CAVR and we are just starting with IMNS – but both look ready for a mega breakout that can earn mega [...]

$IMNS, $CAVR – News releases closing out a solid week with over 160% gains!

IMNS (+133%) and CAVR (324%) ended the week in solid fashion as we close out the week heading towards a mega breakout next week. Since our alert at $0.01, CAVR continues to motor forward adding to our gains and giving us excellent opportunities to load up on minor dips. CAVR released several solid press releases [...]

$IMNS, $CAVR – Fundamentals and technicals are better than ever.

CAVR released a teaser pr to get our mouth watering as we gear up for something big that looks to be in the works. IMNS maintained most of its 174% gains from yesterday and we continue to be on high news alert as monster news can make both a breakout play. Add another mult-million dollar [...]

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