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$DNAD – Mega breakout of 62.5% gain and 13Mil shares traded since our 3PM Alert

DNAD (DNA Dynamics) came flying out of the gates quickly after our 3PM alert jumping 62.5% closing near the high of the day showing that Monday we are definitely in for a wild day – we are looking at more than 500% gain potential with DNAD! We are just getting started and like our two [...]

#DNAD – DNA Dynamics – The next 500% + potential Gainer

We have it folks, the next MEGA pick that has a potential for 500%+ gains and as members you are getting this first and at the ground floor. Don’t be a side liner and watch the gains go by. Our two recent sub-penny plays, DEGH (+4,500%) and CAVR (+590%) made a bullish breakout on our [...]

Tomorrow at 3pm EST get ready for our new HOT STOCK Pick Alert #FF

Are you ready for our next 500%+ potential gainer, we certainly are and we are gearing up to unleash this MONSTER pick tomorrow at 3pm EST. Members were asking and we are delivering – a pick that can match gains we have seen from our recent winners CAVR (+590%) and  DEGH (+4,500%). Members who have [...]

New MONSTER Pick to be released tomorrow, Friday April 29 at 3pm. Don't miss it

New MONSTER Pick to be released tomorrow, Friday April 29 at 3pm. Don’t miss it We have been getting a lot of emails asking when our new pick will be coming that will compare to our recent monster winners CAVR (+590%) and  DEGH (+4,500%). We are happy to say that your wait is over and [...]

$BCDI – Getting back to business with Gains to start the week.

BCDI started the week strong with gains to close yesterday and was up as much as 24% intraday. With a double bottom technical confirmation, we are back to a bullish upward trend that looks to surpass recent highs and over $1 where this was trading back in February. More Institutional and Retail traders catching a [...]

$BCDI – Mega Gains Week ahead

With a short week last week and many traders off for the holidays, trading was relatively quiet all around – this also opened up to some solid opportunities to load on some very cheap prices. BCDI is starting the week with a rare opportunity to get in extremely low and definitely undervalued. With Zacks initial [...]

$BCDI – Getting Global Exposure on their huge Potential

The news of BCDI’s huge potential is spreading like wildfire with coverage from Zacks Investment Research, The Wall Street Journal and many other news services. When Research in Motion (RIM) first introduced it’s blackberry (TM) wireless device, many people were saying “what’s a blackberry?” – they are definitely not saying this now. Polar Wireless will [...]

$BCDI – Close to 60% Gains and an easy double from today's close.

BCDI already announced access to the global markets and now just released it is hooking up with some major players, Global Crossing and and Neutel Communications. Today’s news pushed BCDI reaching a high of $0.90 and a 57.9% gain from our initial alert at $0.57 just over a week ago! Technical Golden Cross Formation Confirmed

$BCDI – Partnering up with some major players.

BCDI  – Partnering up with some major players. As we expected, BCDI burst out of the gates with a $0.90 high open – news released this morning confirmed BCDI’s monster presence globally and hooking up with some major players – short squeeze is in full action today! Shorts got a rude awakening, Longs received a [...]

$BCDI – The buzz is building for a Monster Day tomorrow.

We are sending out a late night alert to all our members of a huge buzz on BCDI building up before tomorrow’s open that looks to give us that trigger point we are looking for – a trigger point that will start a massive short squeeze on BCDI – these prices are going to be [...]

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