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#CAVR – Get ready for a Monster breakout – 2010 Financial released today!

CAVR released their much anticipated 2010 revenues just after market closed today and investors were not disappointed. Initial sales of $2.2 Million is a big step forward for the company with anticipation of exponential growth for 2011. $2.2 Million in sales with higher expected growth keeps our $0.20 target in check! CAVR initial revenues are [...]

#CAVR – The power of a Golden Cross Formation!

The power of a golden cross formation can be huge for a stock, combine it with solid fundamentals and you have CAVR that is on a monster tear breaking into a new 1-year high with much more gains to come. We have seen over 3,000% Gains on a golden cross formation! What Does Golden Cross [...]

$CAVR, $TDCP – Monster Gains for many reasons!

Over the last few weeks CAVR(+410%) and TDCP (+100%) continues to rake in the gains and we will continue to be here as we tally on more monster gains over the next few weeks. Both plays are very unique in their own industry and a perfect fit for anyone’s portfolio. CAVR  closed green for the [...]

#CAVR – Topping 400% with today's Solid News!

CAVR released another solid press released that pushed the stock up as high as $0.05 (+400%) and into a whole new level of trading – we definitely will be seeing a lot more eyes on this play as $0.05 is another trigger point for sideliner investors to jump in! CAVR  closed at  $0.048 up 9.09% [...]

$CAVR – Mega news increasing Oil Production!

With every press release CAVR delivers and delivers big, announcing today of another agreement to purchase oil producing properties as a significant discount. Last week CAVR announced a contract worth $5 Million, and today we are looking at another $3.6 Million per year in oil production! CAVR last traded at $0.048 up 9.09% and our [...]

CAVR crazy action expected on Monday surrounding this buzz stock!

There’s a huge buzz surrounding, CAVR, our newest feature winner and with many investors impatiently waiting for the opening bell on Monday – this can get crazy. From social media sites like twitter and facebook, to investment boards – the buzz surrounding CAVR is insane. With our special research report released this weekend here and [...]

#CAVR ending the week with 340% gains, next week we are looking for much more!

CAVR ending the week with 340% gains, next week we are looking for much more! CAVR continues to be on a tear and our members who got in on our original alert at $0.01 are now up 340%! Stay tuned this weekend for our special research report on CAVR giving you a detailed insight on [...]

CAVR, TDCP – Solid moves driving towards record highs!

CAVR & TDCP impresses even the large cap investors as both continue their monster bullish run mounting on their already mega gains. CAVR release another impressive press releases that sparked the stock price into a confirmed golden cross formation. CAVR gave what technical investors were waiting for, a confirmed golden cross and a close above [...]

$CAVR, $TDCP – Driving towards a new breakout level!

After a day of consolidation and rest period from solid gains, CAVR & TDCP are back with a vengeance closing green and adding to our total gains to over 350%. CAVR continues to show incredible strength and support with 280% gains over the last couple of weeks! Today is also another step closer to the [...]

$TDCP, $CAVR – Solid Support for a major breakout!

CAVR & TDCP built an even stronger position today after their 2 week run up. CAVR (+250%) and TDCP (185%), took a bit of a breather today before moving to the next breakout level. The key to long term plays with huge potential gains is to establish support levels along the way. We built 2 [...]

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