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#PPBL, #FOFU – A Solid start to kick off the week!

PPBL & FOFU started off the week in solid fashion posting gains and showing huge strength at support levels today. Our other recent feature winners DEGH (+4,500%), XYTS (+300%), and SGDH (+200%) showed similar patterns right before their mega breakouts.

#PPBL, #FOFU, #PSPW – Why these plays needs to be the focus this week!

With PPBL’s price feed issues behind us now, we look forward to this week’s monster plays that can overshadow our recent winners DEGH (+4,500%), XYTS (+300%), and SGDH (+200%).

PPBL, FOFU, PSPW – Triple play to have on your radar next week!

This weeks features PPBL & FOFU traded in solid fashion despite technical feed issues at the source on PPBL preventing this play to really take off, but continues to give us a solid opportunity and base to load and breakout from. Add these plays with our new twitter alert on PSPW, we are prime and [...]

PPBL, FOFU – Solid plays in the making!

PPBL continued to be bogged with price feed issues from preventing normal trading and execution. It has no doubt put some pressure on the stock but this short term issue will be resolved. Loading up on these low prices can fair extremely well over the next few weeks. Even the insiders agree that these [...]

#PPBL, #FOFU – taking advantage when opportunity knocks!

PPBL released a solid press release this morning, but many buyers could even not get their buy orders in through to their brokers! experienced a technical issue with PPBL and were not able to provide a quote. We received many inquiries that their brokers would not enter their buy order since the broker were [...]

PPBL – Monster News released this morning, but what it implies is what counts!

PPBL released some monster news this morning, not only what the press release says, but what the press release implies when reading between the lines. “The name Premiere Opportunities Group, Inc. is very indicative of our overall business model of working with profitable private companies that have excellent growth potential and are devoid of any [...]

PPBL – Solid Management and Fundamentals makes this a Solid Play!

SIGN UP FOR OUR FREE NEWSLETTER TO GET IT FIRST! PPBL closed a 5th straight positive day and with a steady pace of accumulation and higher prices, PPBL is primed and ready for a mega breakout when solid news on additional acquisitions hits the wire. And to make this happen is a top notch management [...]

#PFMS – Bottom bounce play investors seek to find!

After an initial rally on reverse merger rumors that push PFMS up over 300%, this stock is giving a rare opportunity to capitalize on a low volume pull back that can provide mega gains like our recent monster gainers PWLK (+50% and a 200 million trading volume), SGDH (+200%) and DEGH (+4,500%)

PPBL – Get ready for Tuesday, this is prime for a Monster Breakout!

We alerted PPBL in the last hour of trading today with volumes spiking through the roof as PPBL closed at the high of the day – major buzz surrounding this play is getting much attention setting up for a huge rally on Tuesday. We are looking at another mega play on the backs of our [...]

PWLK – Another monster alert adding to our streak of winners!


PWLK (+50% today) burst out of the gates in solid fashion on our initial alert yesterday. The buzz really started to pick up today hitting new recent highs and closing near the high of the day. We are definitely on fire – make sure to keep watching our alerts, it can be another monster as [...]

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