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WMBI, GRNE – The morning after never looked so good!

WMBI, GRNE – The morning after never looked so good!    After diving deep in the 2 solid PRs from both companies we are more excited than ever on what today will bring.     Wisemobi announces “LIVE” Competitions to find the next Entertainment Celebrities We expect solid buys coming in before the market – [...]

WMBI, GRNE – If you blink you will certainly miss these Money Making Opportunities

WMBI held its ground nicely today closing at $0.18, but the real excitement came after the markets close today: Wisemobi announces “LIVE” Competitions to find the next Entertainment Celebrities

THRA, SNDY & ATTD – Three plays to check out with your morning coffee – Enjoy !!

THRA closed last night at $0.0065 up 14% on 1.2M shares. We think there is alot more upside here !!!

Therma-Med inc., through their highly specialized Thermal Imaging and breakthrough alternative procedure services, is poised to become a healthcare industry leading company providing various medical support services as well as an adjunctive diagnostic procedure that effectively pursues and exposes the benefits of early detection and prevention of various medical conditions.

LHPT, THRA & ATTD – A triple threat of explosive plays that keep rolling in the dough

LHPT is trading at $0.0295 up over 80% on 3.8M shares

This play has been a bit of a sleeper lately but is lighting up traders screens today.
Lighthouse Petroleum is an Oil & Gas Exploration company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.
LHPT is focused on acquiring oil and gas assets in both the Permian Basin as well as within the Wind River Basin. Lighthouse Petroleum’s first acquisition is in the Wind River Basin allowing them the opportunity to develop unproven oil and gas reserves thus contributing to our domestic energy needs.

SNDY- This company is leaving no stone unturned as it makes a run to new highs.

SNDY last crossed the tape at $0.0034 up over 13% on 35M shares.   SNDY is crossing all their T’s and dotting all their I’s. The company applied for and has officially secured the U.S. Trademark for the MammoView® name. One of their flagship products, The MamoView® Breast Endoscopy System offers a state-of-the-art endoscopic technology [...]

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